Dr.Hussein Khodeir
Dr.Hussein Khodeir
Executive Chairman

We trust in tomorrow & we are looking for a bright future at NAPCO and for customer satisfaction based on solid trust in our capabilities and long term interchangeable partnership

  • Our business is proceeding to drive high growth rates through horizontal and vertical expansion through broad geographic presence, diversified company portfolio and high quality manufacturing facilities.
  • Our achievements in local market grew by over 80% in year 2013; we walk on the road towards success. We remain focused on strengthening our presence in our key markets through capital expenditure in the running and future business or through acquisition.
  • Our investment continued in year 2013 with acquisition of Egypt Pharma Group (EPG) which adds well established and highly reputable portfolio plus that already being registered under name NAPCO Pharma supported by its manufacturing capabilities as a step before our invasion to out of local borders to either arabian or regional markets.
  • We are seeking for the added values that offered behind each proposed product in our portfolio considering the most updated and recently approved molecules among thier corresponding therapeutic categories supported by high financial, social and value propositions.
  • As one of our missions is investing in our manpower capital with a robust belief in having highly trained, skilled and dedicated employees through their enrichment with continuous educational and skill development programs ensuring that our today staff will be the upcoming managerial board in future within NAPCO