Tarzos XL4 mgExtended release tablets

Tarzos XL
Tarzos XL
Well estabished ?- blocker with a signifcant control of hypertension and improvement of BPH symptoms.

Each extended release tablet contains: Doxazosin 4 mg.

  • Is a potent and selective post-junctionalα-1 adrenoceptor antagonist in both the vasculature and that located in prostatic muscular stroma, prostatic capsule and bladder neck.
  • Tarzos 4 mg XL: once daily dosing causes significant control in mild to moderate hypertension cases as a result of a reduction in systemic vascular resistance.
  • The majority of people are controlled on the initial dose with similar reduction in blood pressure in both the sitting and standing positions.
  • Tarzos 4 mg XL: results in a significant improvement in urodynamics and urinary symptoms.
  • Tarzos 4 mg XL: may be used in BPH patients who either hypertensive or normotensive without clinically significant reduction in hypertension.
  • Patients with hypertension & BPH have both conditions effectively treated with Tarzos 4 mg XL monotherapy and can be transferred to it from immediate release doxazosin and the dose may be titrated upwards as needed.
  • Tarzos 4 mg XL: is used for treatment of hypertension as a sole agent or in combination with other agents as diuretics, B-Blockers, Ca antagonists or ACEIs.
  • Treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) and treatment of urinary outflow obstruction.
Dosage & Administration:

The initial dose: Tarzos 4 mg XL once daily.

The optimal effect may take up to 4 weeks that may be increased to 8 mg once daily according to the patient response (the maximum recommended dose).